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The Law Student Podcast

ABA Law Student Division Board of Governors: Year in Review

Fabiani Alberto Duarte, Madison Burke, Mathew Mecoli, Akemini Ruby Isang, Marcus Sandifer, Krystal Yalldo, Mayra Salinas-Menjivar, Kirk W Kabala, and Andrew F Rhoden

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The ABA Law Student Division serves to not only provide options for students to better engage with their peers but also to provide valuable leadership and career development opportunities. Individuals who wish to promote positive change within the profession will often seek to aid their peers by serving on the Law Student Division Board of Governors. In this ABA Law Student Podcast hosts Fabiani Duarte and Madison Burke sit down with members of the ABA Law Student Division to chat about their past year in review. The conversation opens with each board member explaining a bit about their law school background, the circuit they represent, and some of the changes their circuit went through over the year. The group then takes some time to discuss their favorite achievement that their respective law school was able to accomplish this year. The conversation wraps up with each governor providing tips and advice for the new board members that will be filling their positions once they leave.

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