April 16, 2019

How law students can get help and help others with mental health and well-being

Raising awareness is helping to remove the stigma surrounding lawyer well-being. In this episode of the ABA Law Student Podcast, host Kris Butler talks to Terry Harrell and John Berry about mental health and well-being in the legal profession and law schools.

Terry and John talk about how they became involved with mental health awareness in the legal community and explain the types of support available through lawyer assistance programs. They also give their insight on why substance abuse and mental health issues have historically been more prevalent in the legal community, how the ABA Working Group to Advance Well-Being is addressing this crisis, and how law students can get involved.

A transcript of this podcast is available at Legal Talk Network.

Now the executive director of the Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program (JLAP), Terry Harrell worked first as a lawyer then transitioned into clinical work. She is a licensed clinical addictions counselor and has a nationally recognized master addiction counselor certification. As a therapist she worked in inpatient treatment, crisis services, adult outpatient treatment, wrap around services for severely emotionally disturbed adolescents, and management. She serves on many national committees for lawyer assistance programs, and is a member of the ISBA, past Chair of the Professional Legal Education Admission and Development Section (PLEADS) and the Wellness Committee.

John Berry is the The Florida Bar’s Legal Division Director. He oversees the Department of Lawyer Regulation which is charged with administering a statewide disciplinary system as well as the operation of the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program (ACAP).

Kristoffer Butler is the SBA Executive President at University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.