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Help for 1Ls: Rebounding From First-Semester Law School Grades

Christopher Gong Ide-Don, Kirsha W Trychta, and Dawn K Young

First semester grades got you down? Wondering how you can work with your current circumstances to make the most of the rest of your 1L year? The ABA and Themis have teamed up to go over what you might do to rebound from a first semester report card that didn’t quite meet the mark.

Hosted by Themis Bar Review Director, Rebecca Petrilli.


  • Christopher Ide-Don, Assistant Dean for Academic Success Program, UC Davis School of Law
  • Kirsha Trychta, Teaching Professor and Director of the Academic Excellence Center, West Virginia University College of Law
  • Dawn Young, Director of Academic Skills, Adjunct Professor, and Writing Specialist, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Additional Resources

  • Fall Semester Assessment Worksheet
  • Legal Writing Formula Referenced by Kirsha Trychta:  X test requires P to prove Element A, Element B and Element C. Here, Element A is/is not established because xxx. Element B is /is not established because yyy. Element C is / is not established because zzz.