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Making The Grade With Growth Mindsets

Anne M Brafford, Martha Knudson, and Katherine M. Bender

The pressure of law school can make many law students feel so exhausted and uncertain that, regardless of how well they do academically, they still feel like failures or impostors. One way that science has found to enhance resilience is through the “growth mindset” framework.

Research has linked the growth mindset with significant benefits: Students’ mindsets have a direct influence on their grades as well as their psychological health and resilience.

This webinar will teach law students about how to enhance their resilience by developing a growth mindset.


Anne Brafford, who recently left her job as an equity partner in one of the nation’s largest law firms after 18 years of practice to focus on thriving in the legal profession. In 2014, she earned a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Pennsylvania. Her goal is to become an advocate for enhancing resilience, civility, and wellness within the legal profession and to remind the profession of its noble purpose of helping to build and sustain a thriving society.

Martha Knudson, a founding member of Aspire, a consulting firm created to serve the legal profession by enhancing attorney engagement, performance, and resilience. Before Aspire, she worked for almost six years as general counsel of AMC, a leading national real estate management company. She also has a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. She has a special interest in seeing law students and legal practitioners learn the skills that will allow them to flourish and find long-term meaning within the practice of law.

Dr. Katherine M. Bender is the programming director for the Dave Nee Foundation. As such, she provides outreach services raising awareness about depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention within the legal community. The Dave Nee Foundation’s Uncommon Counsel program has been presented at 70 law schools across the United States.