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Find ways to manage your student loans and other debt

Jen Grondahl Lee, Samorn Selim, and Emily Roschek

The elephant in every room is that more than 50 percent of Americans have a debt or credit problem. Yet almost 100 percent of them are unwilling to talk about it because we are terrified of what others may think – even though they all have the same problem!

During this webinar, Debt and Credit Strategist Jen Lee and Creative Joy Director Samorn Selim, both lawyers, share their expertise on how law students and lawyers can navigate the waters of debt and careers in this webinar, “Key Strategies for Managing Student Loans and Other Debt.”

Topics discussed include:

  • Managing student loan repayment options
  • Current status of federal loan programs for forgiveness
  • Career options when you have debt

Jen Grondahl Lee,  Jen Lee Law
Samorn Selim, Creative Joy Director, Career Unicorns

Emily Roschek, Director, ABA Career Center and Senior Lawyers Division