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Our dreamiest webinar ever: Improving your sleep habits

Lindsay Joyner and June J Pilcher

Get comfy, pull up a pillow fort, and join us on Tuesday, April 30, for “Building Better Sleep Habits,” a webinar on taking your rest style to a more effective level.

The host who will help you enjoy unencumbered slumbers will be Dr. June J. Pilcher, Alumni Distinguished Professor in the Department of Psychology at Clemson University in South Carolina.

But if you wish to browse for drowsing tips right away, Dr. Pilcher offers these tips to promote better sleep habits. Feel free to count along!

  1. Create a consistent bed time and wake up time, including the weekends. The more trouble you have with your sleep, the more consistent your times should be.
  2. Create a bedtime ritual much like we do for children with bedtime stories.
  3. Remove electronic devices from the bedroom (phones, computers)
  4. Avoid caffeine after about 4 pm; avoid work after about 8 or 9 pm
  5. Be physically active during the day

Our panel, moderated by attorney Lindsay Joyner, will discuss:

  • What happens when you sleep
  • The many positive effects of good sleep
  • Why you should try harder to establish better sleep habits
  • Tips and advice you can use to develop better sleep habits