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Get tips on how to responsibly manage your credit and debt

Jennifer Knight

Do you know that potential landlords, employers and even utilities companies routinely access credit scores as part of their application process?

Learning how to manage student loans, credit cards and other debt is essential. Establishing financial skills early on and working to build a good credit standing affects your life as a law student and life beyond law school.

ABA and AcceessLex are here to help!

Jennifer Knight, AFC® is our financial expert for this Virtual Office Hours session.

Jennifer has over 25 years of experience in higher education on the college side as well as the non-profit student loan side. She is passionate about helping students in their quests to figure out how to navigate paying for their college education. And, if borrowing student loans, strategize ways to pay them back successfully. Her love of the financial aid profession coupled with her passion for helping students navigate the confusing student financial and loan repayment processes puts her heart into helping students achieve their higher education and personal financial goals.

You can also download the slides from the presentation as a PDF.

Resources:  Student Loans and Finances

The ABA Young Lawyers Division advocates for lower financial barriers to the legal profession by reducing law school costs and minimizing student loan burden. We also offer guidance for new lawyers on managing debt.

Through student-focused initiatives, research and policy advocacy, nonprofit AccessLex Institute works to help purpose-driven students find their path from aspiring lawyer to fulfilled professional. In partnership with our nearly 200 member law schools, improving access and positively influencing legal education has been at the heart of our mission since 1983.

MAX by AccessLex® is the personal finance program for law students used in over 80% of law schools nationally. If you’re at a MAX-participating school and haven’t set up your free account yet, register today to access financial lessons, online events, and free financial coaching whenever you need it. The MAX by AccessLex® app is also available for download at the iOS and Android app stores.

AccessConnex is a free financial coaching service available to all law students, whether they are at a MAX-participating school or not. Register today for a free appointment to discuss the financial matters that matter most to you!