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The Path to Law Student Well-Being: Podcast Series

  • Episode 1, Part 1: Ways individual faculty members can notice, engage with, and support students they suspect are in distress.
  • Episode 1, Part 2: Steps faculty can take to promote student well-being through their teaching in the classroom and includes concrete actions for law school administrators. 
  • Episode 2: A short conversation about character and fitness evaluations in the bar admission process as it pertains to mental health issues and substance use disorders.
  • Episode 3: The Practice and Benefits of Mindfulness: In this 3-part episode, Scott Rogers, a nationally recognized leader in the area of mindfulness and the law, and host Stephen Slawinski, a 3L at the University of Dayton School of Law, discuss the practice and benefits of mindfulness.
    • Part 1 examines why a law student might begin a mindfulness practice and the benefits of doing so.
    • Part 2 provides ways in which a law student might get started on a mindfulness practice.
    • Part 3 offers advice on how to overcome some of the roadblocks to practicing.
    • In a special bonus episode, Scott leads a 3-minute mindfulness exercise.
  • Episode 4 features a conversation on how adopting a growth mindset can help law students thrive both emotionally and intellectually.
  • Episode 6: Join host Jonathan Beitner, attorney, certified professional coach, attorney well-being advocate and member of the Lawyers Assistance Program, Law Student Committee, as he talks with Chris Ritter, the director of the Texas Lawyers Assistance Program, and Chase Anderson, a case manager at Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers. 

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