Substance Use and Mental Health Toolkit for Law Students

Substance Use and Mental Health Toolkit for Law Students

You, the law student, matter. It is okay that you will not be okay from time-to-time while in law school; this Toolkit is the result of efforts from hundreds of individuals around the country who want to facilitate your well-being.

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Mental Health Day

The ABA Law Student Division’s official National Mental Health Day at law schools is observed on October 10, the same day mental health initiatives are spotlighted across the country.

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Mental Health Information

Alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health problems are afflictions that affect a great number of professionals including lawyers and judges. To provide a model for assisting lawyers whose practices had been impaired by addictions, the ABA created the Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs (CoLAP). These resources are here to help lawyers and legal employers gain insight and find solutions.

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More reading and listening on mental health as it relates to the legal profession. This page includes links to articles, podcasts, blogs, and studies that deal with attorney stress and wellness.

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