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McGeorge School of Law won the 2018 ABA Law Student Division National Negotiation Competition on Saturday, Feb. 4 at ABA Headquarters in Chicago. This year’s topic was national security law.

The ABA Law Student Division Negotiation Competition provides a means for law students to practice and improve their negotiating skills. The competition simulates legal negotiations in which law students, acting as lawyers, negotiate a series of legal problems. The simulations consist of a common set of facts known by all participants and confidential information known only to the participants representing a particular side. All of the simulations deal with the same general topic, but the negotiation situation varies with each round and level of the competition.

National Champions

McGeorge School of Law
Doug Leach and Leah Parrish

National Finalists

University of Oregon School of Law
Michelle “Chelle” Haynes and Amanda Smitley

Texas Tech University School of Law
Benjamin Falk and Erika Sparkman

Western New England School of Law
Thomas Holman and Joseph Masse

National Semifinalists

Columbia University School of Law
Caitrianne Feddeler and Matthew Bolin

Drake University Law School
Kevin Brown and Nicole Rogers

Drake University Law School
Spencer Willems and Jessie Benson

Fordham University School of Law
Kayla Giampaolo and Brian Fried

Georgetown University Law Center
Suzanne Zakaria and Rachel Lee

Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago-Kent College of Law
Michael Brew and Presley Valenzuela

Michigan State University College of Law
Evan Keimach and Brooke Johnston

St. Mary’s University School of Law
DeMarcus Lewis and Danica McKinney

South Texas College of Law Houston
John Garza and Ashley Thomas

Southwestern Law School
Rudolf Petrosyan and Jennifer C. Volanti

Southwestern Law School
Nolan Scarr and Dylan Sydneysmith

Stetson University College of Law
Allison Belanger and Christina Huckfeldt

University of Georgia School of Law
Ryan Mumper and Steven Chase Parker

University of Missouri School of Law
Emily Crane and Emily Titus

University of South Dakota School of Law
Johnathan Stien and Olivia Siglin

Western Michigan University Cooley Law School
Alison Brajdich and Mayrel Narvaez