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Texas Tech University School of Law won the ABA Law Student Division’s 2017 Arbitration Competition on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017.

Here is the complete list of finalists.

National Champion

Texas Tech University School of Law
Ryley Bennett, Brian Burkhardt, Brent Debnam, Andrea Nfodjo

National Finalist

Drake University Law School
Monika Sehic, Nick Rauch, Jordan Garrison-Nickerson , Manuel Cornell

National Semifinalists

Michigan State University College of Law
Morgan Buller, Sean Dunn, Irene Mo, Justina Shabazz

Liberty University School of Law
Michelle Protzman, Kelsey Pittman, Sydney Phillips, Ben Murray

Creighton University School of Law
Alex Demasi, Morgan Kreiser, Chelsea Kenney, Shayla Slaymaker

Michigan State University College of Law
Colin Gerish, Anna Norman, Michelle Perkovic, Brandy Vandenbrook

Mississippi College School of Law
Ericka King, Grace Dobbs, Ray Young, Caylan Dunnells

Stetson University College of Law
Anne D Boyle, Julius Matusewicz, Julia Boivin, Brien Squires

University of Mississippi School of Law
Jessica Hept, Madeline Kuluz, Christopher Nocito, Chelsey Estes

University of Oklahoma College of Law
Brendon Palmer, Shawn Ceyler, Alexander Sullivan, Kanton Vaverka