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On Jan. 22 and 23, the regional champions in the 2015-2016 ABA Law Student Division Arbitration Competition gathered in Chicago to battle it out and crown the overall winner. This year’s topic was data security breach. Here are the results:

First Place: Mississippi College School of Law

Caylan Dunnells
Ira Rushing
Matt Walton
Ed Williams
(pictured above)

Second Place: Mississippi College School of Law

Taylor Lawrence
Cameron McCormick
Jessica Pulliam
Ericka King

And in no particular order, here are the teams who also made it to Chicago:

Drake University Law School

Nicholas Behlke
Anagha Dixit
Tyler Heeren
Meret Thali

Drake University Law School

Christopher Merkle
Lucas Sterbick
Thomas Tolbert
Greg Whitaker

The John Marshall Law School

Christina Bear
Nick Pascolla
Kristen Sample
Karen Zimmerman

Louisiana State University, Paul M. Hebert Law Center

Robert Cavell
Caitlin Cline
Rome Gonsoulin
Matthew Roth

Texas Tech University School of Law

Josue Galvan
Ron Miller
Bianca Rodriguez
Melanie Uremovich

Texas Tech University School of Law

Erin Garza
Justin Nail
Tara Parker
Clayton Watkins

University of Missouri

Kayla Meine
Aaron Snipes
Abigail Thomas
Aaron Wynn

University of Missouri

Matt Cecil
Miles Figg
Ben Kweskin
Courtney Lauer

The ABA Law Student Division Arbitration Competition promotes greater knowledge in arbitration by simulating a realistic arbitration hearing. Participants prepare and present an arbitration case, including opening statements, witness examinations, exhibit introductions, evidentiary presentations, and summations. Experience what it is to be a professional, competent, and ethical advocate.