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Exclusive Offers from Quimbee for ABA Law Students

Law school is hard. Quimbee makes it easier with advanced study aids that more students trust.  ABA Law Students (join here) can take advantage of exclusive discounts on Quimbee Bar Review today.

Save $50 on Quimbee Bar Review and Quimbee Bar Review+

Unlock Quimbee's practice-based bar review courses for less. ABA Law Student Members can save $50 on Quimbee Bar Review or Quimbee Bar Review+.

Claim your discount from Quimbee here.

With Quimbee Bar Review, you'll have access to materials such as:

  • 2,500 simulated MBE questions

  • 300+ bar-specific video lessons

  • Coursebook and subject-matter outlines

  • 325+ real MEE questions from past exams

  • 85+ real MPT questions from past exams

  • Real MPRE questions from past exams

With Quimbee Bar Review+, you'll have access to all the materials above, plus:

  • 1,450 real MBE questions from past exams featured throughout 4 diagnostics, a simulated MBE, and course materials

  • 100% money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited expert-graded essays

  • 1 expert-graded performance test*

  • Print book package

*Florida examinees receive 6 expert-graded essays because there is no PT.”