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Law school exams are unlike any other type of academic test. Many law students lack the unique skill set needed to ace their law exams, especially early in their law-school careers. To help remedy that, Quimbee has created an entire course devoted to preparing law students to bring their A game to the exam room and take home top marks.

Acing Your Law Exam is designed for law students at all levels, and it consists of 24 beautifully designed video lessons covering all aspects of exam prep.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare for your exams throughout the semester by reading cases efficiently, briefing, and outlining to win
  • The format of common law-school essay problems, how grading curves work, and tips for surviving exam season
  • What to do on exam day, including how to budget your time, understand the questions and facts, spot issues, and organize your answers
  • What professors expect of winning answers, including perfect CREAC and skillful use of facts
  • How to cope if the worst happens on exam day, and you just don’t know the answer
  • The best way to attack unusual exam formats

Start your free 7-day trial of Quimbee Study Aids today to gain access to Acing Your Law Exam and more online courses in 1L and upper-level subjects.

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