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The Legal Ethics Resources are available with your ABA Law Student Premium Membership.

It’s not just about passing the MPRE. Conducting yourself ethically can make or break your reputation, or even your career. That’s why we offer over $100 in savings to Law Student Premium Members .

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The ABA's Premium Legal Ethics Resources include:

Free Model Rules Ebook

The Model Rules of Professional Conduct, 2023 Edition (Ebook)

Law Student Premium Price: Free (list price: $34.95)

The MPRE is based on the ABA’s Model Rules. Federal, state, and local jurisdictions look to these rules in resolving lawyer malpractice cases, disciplinary actions, disqualification issues, sanctions questions.

Bottom line? Every law student needs a copy.

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Discounted Print Model Rules

The Model Rules of Professional Conduct, 2023 Edition (Print)

Law Student Premium Price: $17.95 (list price: $34.95)

The free ebook is great when you’re on the go, but nothing beats print for exams and long law school study sessions. Grab a physical copy for your bookshelf at the lowest price.

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Discounted Annotated Model Rules

The Annotated Model Rules of Professional Conduct, 9th Edition

Law Student Premium Price: $124.95 (list price: $199.95)

The Annotated Model Rules are the definitive legal ethics resource for courts, disciplinary bodies, and ethics committees. Each chapter begins with the rule and its comment followed by a link to charts comparing each state’s rule with the Model Rule, and then presents a detailed discussion of how the rule has been applied.

Don’t just know the rules. Understand the rules.

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MPRE Courses from JD Advising

Efficient, Focused and Free MPRE Course

JD Advising’s MPRE outline and highly regarded MPRE One-Sheet highlight the most highly tested rules so you can spend your time studying efficiently. They provide hundreds of MPRE practice questions so you know you are on track to pass the MPRE.

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