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The Welcome to Law School online program includes materials from both Kaplan and the ABA. It features 18 hours of on-demand video instruction — everything from contracts to torts — that can be completed in a week, coupled with more than 60 engaging assignments. The program has been organized into smaller segments to allow busy professionals to complete them around work and other commitments.

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Why should you use the Welcome to Law School Program?

  • Get a competitive edge on your fellow incoming law students.
  • Develop key strategies for thriving in law school.
  • The program is ON-DEMAND and ready when you are.

Think Like a Lawyer
Learn how to write, read, and process data as a legal professional with engaging exercises.

It's a Mental Game. Legally Speaking.
Effectively manage your stress and master the art of time-management. Minimize your anxiety, and get rid of cognitive distortions.

  • Be mindful of your internal dialogue.
  • Don’t catastrophize!
  • Advocate on your own behalf.

Practice Before You Can Practice.
Study the tools of the trade with organized video modules—from contracts to torts and everything in between.

What you'll get:

  • 18 hours of on-demand video lessons you can complete in a week
  • 63 engaging assignments
  • Structured modules broken into topics and time commitment
  • e-Workbooks with reflection exercises

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