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Get bar exam and MPRE review materials plus law school study resources for free from Kaplan Bar Review.

Get bar exam and MPRE review materials plus law school study resources for free from Kaplan Bar Review.

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  • 1L Success Course: Your first year made easy(ish) with Kaplan’s all-digital resources including outlines, video and audio lectures, Qbank, and downloadable workbook.
  • 2L Online Course: Master upper level material and stay on track with Kaplan’s all-digital outline book, practice questions, video and audio lectures, and fleX flashcards.
  • MPRE Review CourseOrganize your approach and get the most out of your study time with our outline, 300+ pages of course materials, online lecture, Qbank, and fleX flashcards.

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Students who upgrade to the ABA Premium membership will receive major savings on Bar Review.  $100 off the course of your choice: Live or On Demand.

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Not sure which Kaplan Course is best for you? Learn about our different course offerings below:

  • Live: Watch our lectures in a classroom (where available) or live stream them from anywhere – you decide. With access to both options, you can go to a class one day and stay home the next. And if you miss a live session, catch up with on demand videos you can start—and stop—at your convenience.
  • On Demand: Want to study at your own pace? Watch our recorded lectures you can start—and stop—at your convenience. As an added bonus, this course includes a weekly interactive LIVE stream session with your professor.

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