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The Modern Way to Prep

There’s no such thing as a traditional law student anymore. With so many responsibilities and so many more distractions than ever before, you need the highest quality bar prep created for how you live and think today.

That’s why Helix Bar Review by AccessLex serves up short segments of content in a deliberate progression from day one. Instead of long stretches of reading outlines and watching lectures, you’ll see and hear key concepts broken down into subtopics and taught in a variety of formats and voices. This high impact teaching strategy is consistent with learning science and the ways that our brains work — so you stay involved, focused and moving forward. And that makes Helix like no other bar preparation course available.

Check out our comprehensive review courses, Helix UBE, Helix California, and Helix Florida and learn more about our pass rates here. In the market for a supplement? Helix MBE and Helix Flashcard Sets are a great addition to your bar prep toolbox! All at a low, nonprofit price.

‘Always Free’ Resources from Helix Bar Review

Our no-profit commitment leads us to set pricing that reflects our expenses to deliver our best-in-class bar preparation products. And that means Helix costs the same for every student who enrolls. No pricing games. No random discounts. Plus, a suite of free resources that are second to none, including:

  • Law School Mini-Outlines. Helix Bar Review’s free law school mini-outlines provide a foundation in black letter law for the most highly tested subjects. Download today.
  • Helix MPRE. Entirely online, Helix MPRE includes outline reading, videos, multiple-choice questions, building block quizzes, simulated exams, digital flashcards, our Game Center, the Helix MPRE Attack Outline and your choice of 2-week or 4-weekend study plans. Free!
  • Ask EDNA! – The Education Network at AccessLex. Housing hundreds of resources for every step of your law school journey — including the AccessLex Student Loan Calculator, Law School Scholarship Databank and so much more — create your free account today.
  • Helix Free Sneak Peek. See the Helix Difference for yourself!

Exclusive offers for ABA Law Student Members

Access these resources when you login with your Law Student Member account at the bottom of this page.

  • 1L Law School Toolkit
    All the essentials for building a foundation for success during your first year. With checklists, worksheets and sage advice from those who have been there, this resource will help you feel confident walking into the classroom!
  • Upper-Level Law School Toolkit
    When you’re ready to make the move from apprentice to expert law student, this is your blueprint for excelling as an upper-level law student and preparing for the bar licensure process.
  • Bar Success Webinar Series
    With topics ranging from the MPRE to the bar application process to tips for smart bar studying, Helix offers five webinars exclusively for ABA Member Law Students. Register for these workshops with your ABA Law Student Membership!


Premium Membership Perks from Helix Bar Review

Multistate Bar Exam: Strategies for Success. Set yourself up for MBE success with this live, online 90-minute workshop that introduces you to the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) component of the test. Join us on January 18, 2024 at 1:00 p.m. ET for strategy and tips on how to approach challenging “bar style” multiple choice questions.

► Register for this workshop with your
Premium Law Student Membership!

For questions about these exclusive ABA member benefits from Helix Bar Review, or about any of Helix’s bar prep resources, email us at [email protected].

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