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Bar prep can be an intense and overwhelming process. The ABA is here to guide you through it.

We’ve partnered with the top national bar review providers to offer ABA members exclusive discounts and special access on bar courses and programs. We can help you find the right bar prep course for you and your study habits.

Premium Law Student members will receive the following deals on these courses.

Helix Bar Review by AccessLex

✓ FREE Bar Success Webinars
✓ FREE MBE Workshop
» Learn more about nonprofit Helix Bar Review resources.

JD Advising

✓ $100 off JD Advising full bar exam courses
✓ $50 off a single session of Bar Exam Tutoring
» Learn more about JD Advising discounts

Kaplan Bar Review

✓ $100 off Kaplan Bar Review
✓ $250 off PMBR Supplemental Course
» Learn more about Kaplan discounts


✓ $100 off Quimbee Bar Review
✓ $100 off Quimbee Bar Review+
» Learn more about Quimbee discounts

Themis Bar Review

✓ Additional $100 discount on Themis Bar Review
✓ Access to the Themis Achievement Package
» Learn more about Themis discounts