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Student Bar Associations are an integral part of the Law Student Division. SBA Presidents are in a unique position to share ideas and concerns with the Division. In turn, the Division provides informational resources and a connection to other SBAs across the country. SBAs vote on policy elections in the Law Student Division Assembly.

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Current SBA Presidents

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Each school’s SBA President submits their name to the ABA through this SBA Reporting Form. Once we know you, we can connect you with other SBAs and you’ll be able to vote in Assembly.

SBA Election Procedures

Student Bar Association Presidents are elected in accordance with the governing policies of their respective law schools. Contact you current presidents or consult with your law school’s dean for more information.

Law Student Membership is Now Free

Law students can join the ABA Law Student Division for free by completing an on-line application or by calling 800-285-2221.

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Law schools may enroll an entire class of students or their entire student body. For more information on full school enrollment, contact Marina Locasto with the ABA Law Student Division staff.

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