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Job Description

The largest legal association in world is looking for a law student leader with social media savvy to help serve as its voice of law students on social media.

The Social Media Assistant, generally, participates in activities and performs specific tasks directed by the Student Editor, the Chair and ABA Staff to build and improve the overall quality of the American Bar Association’s Law  Student Division social media presence.

  • Term: The Social Media Assistant is a volunteer leadership position appointed by the Chair of the ABA Law Student Division. The role’s term begins in early August or at a time designated by the Chair and ends the following August or at a time designated by the Chair. This is a non-funded division position and does not include travel or expenses.
  • Time Commitment: Not more than 3-5 hours a week.
  • Membership Level: Must be a Premium Law Student Division member.

Skills and Requirements

This person should have experience with and knowledge of social media. Administration of brand accounts in an organizational or professional setting is a plus. The Social Media Assistant must present professionally online and show good judgment.


  • Work closely with the Student Editor and related ABA staff regarding posts to social media platforms
  • Schedule social media posts in advance using a social media programming deck such as HootSuite
  • Actively monitor social media for news, discussions, events, announcements, etc. related to law students and legal education
  • Serve on the Publications & Communications Committee
  • Maintain multiple social media platforms with new content consistently
  • Incorporate content contributed by other ABA members into social media posts
  • Uphold the ABA unified message in all social media presentations
  • Write at least one article for Student Lawyer Magazine
  • Establish and maintain consistent communication with the Student Editor and other related positions regarding content and programming.