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Job Description

The Operations, Programming, and Communications and Publications Committee, along with the staff editor, consulting managing editor, and the Student Editor, is responsible for administrative oversight of the Division’s publications and communications, including Student Lawyer. This committee will also assist the staff with Law Student Division operations such as administration of grant funds and work with Caucus leaders to facilitate development of relevant programming and content.

Job Responsibilities

  • Working with staff and students to facilitate content development;
  • Working with caucuses to implement content for online resources and in person meetings;
  • Assisting the Student Editor in reviewing magazine copy and other tasks as needed;
  • Assisting in judging of the Law Student Division’s law school newspaper contest;
  • Administering grant awards and Representative fund awards;
  • Following and understanding the current Law Student Division Bylaws.

Time commitment: 10 hours monthly.

Term: Committees serve a one-year term beginning at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting through adjournment of the following Annual Meeting.


To hold a Committee position, students must be:

  • A law student attending an ABA-approved law school;
  • Premium Law Student Division member* during the bar year you will serve;
  • A law student in good standing at law school (not on academic probation or suspension) during the academic year;
  • A law student who has not received his/her first degree in law;
  • A law student attending law school during the academic year subsequent to June 1, 2023
  • A law student who is in compliance with the submission deadlines and requirements.