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Help decide who will lead the Law ABA Law Student Division.

The ABA Nominating Committee is one of the most prestigious and critical positions for an ABA Rep or SBA President.

As a member of the Nominating Committee you’ll review applicants who are interested in running for a seat on the ABA Law Student Division Council. You’ll help the Committee ensure a diverse and qualified slate of candidates to be voted on in an election in the Spring.

Applications are currently closed.

You must be available in January/February, prior to the Spring campaign period and election. All Nominating Committee work is done online and remotely, and will be completed by early March, at the latest.

Committee appointments are open to ABA Reps and SBA Presidents only. The Nominating Committee is composed of 9 members: 3 SBA Presidents, 3 ABA Representatives, both the Current and the Immediate Past Chairs of the Law Student Division, and the Immediate Past Law Student At-Large on the ABA Board of Governors.

Time commitment: 15-20 hours in January/February.

  • Election Method: Appointed by the Law Student Division Chair
  • Term: January/February

Application Instructions

  1. Complete the electronic Application Form, statement, and resume.
  2. Include your statement of interest. There is a maximum length of 2,000 characters for this element.
  3. Include your resume. The resume must be a PDF, and cannot exceed two single-sided, 8.5” x 11” pages.


To be certified as a candidate for the Nominating Committee, an individual must be:

  • A law student attending an ABA-approved law school;
  • Premium Law Student Division member* during the bar year you will serve;
  • A law student in good standing at law school (not on academic probation or suspension) during the academic year;
  • A law student who has not received his/her first degree in law;
  • A law student attending law school during the current academic year.
  • A law student who is in compliance with the submission deadlines and requirements.