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Chair Job Description

The Chair is the chief executive student leader of the Law Student Division and its Council. Chair is the highest-ranking national law student position in the ABA.

You’ll be the leader of a team of talented students from across the U.S. This is a demanding, but rewarding role that involves everything from setting high-level goals and priorities for the ABA Law Student Division to setting agendas for its Council meetings.

Previous association or student governance experience, and/or a previous ABA position, is considered a major plus in this role.

  • Time Commitment: Equivalent to a part-time job (25-30 hours weekly).
  • Election Method: Elected in March by an electronic vote of the Assembly.
  • Officer-Elect Period: Serves immediately upon election in a non-voting, Officer-Elect capacity on the Council through the conclusion of the next ABA Annual Meeting in August.
  • Term: Assumes the official one-year term starting at the next Annual Meeting through the following Annual Meeting (August to August).
  • Membership Level: Must be a Premium Law Student Division member.

Job Responsibilities

The LSD Chair:

  • Represents the Law Student Division and speaks on its behalf.
  • Executes the Division’s mission and goals.
  • Hosts or appoints host for the ABA Law Student Podcast.
  • Establishes, maintains, and furthers the Division’s relationships and contacts with ABA entities, ABA professional staff, and other organizations.
  • Coordinates with Division Council and ABA entities to address legal issues concerning students including transmitting resolutions to the ABA House of Delegates and other ABA entities, identifying other entities which may support and/or co-sponsor a resolution, utilizing liaisons to gain support within other entities, and reporting to the membership.
  • Chairs the Law Student Division Council and the Assembly.
  • Prepares agendas and reports for all Division meetings.
  • Participates in the ABA’s annual lobbying delegation to Congress related to current ABA policy and supports other appropriate lobbying efforts.
  • Communicates regularly with Council members on Division and Association issues.
  • Communicates with ABA officers and executive officials.
  • Serves as a voting representative on the Young Lawyers Division Executive Council.  Attends and submits reports for each meeting (4 meetings/reports annually).
  • Coordinates with ABA entities to appoint law student liaisons to appropriate entities.
  • Recognizes outstanding service by a Council member or other Division appointment.
  • Follow and understand the current Law Student Division Bylaws.

Application Requirements

You must complete the application form in its entirety, including the required attachments:

  • Your Required Certification Form PDF
  • Statement/resume PDF
  • Headshot image
  • Publicly available video statement link (optional, 5 minute maximum time limit, and not needed for editorial positions).

Travel Required

This position is expected to attend the Young Lawyers Division and Law Student Division in-person events and or meetings. Travel-related expenses are reimbursed by the Division, subject to guidelines.


To be certified as a candidate, an individual must be:

  • A law student attending an ABA-approved law school;
  • An ABA Law Student Division member for the current bar year by the filing deadline;
  • Premium Law Student Division member;
  • A law student in good standing at law school (not on academic probation or suspension) during the academic year;
  • A law student who has not received his/her first degree in law;
  • A law student attending law school during the academic year subsequent to June 1, 2023;
  • A law student who has received the approval of his/her law school dean to run for office. All application forms must be approved and signed by each candidate’s dean; and
  • A law student who is in compliance with the submission deadlines and requirements

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