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The 2023-2024 National Award period is now open. All Nominations must be approved by the Law School Dean or Associate/Assistant Dean and  received by the ABA Law Student Division on or before 12 noon (CDT), Friday, April 26 via the Electronic Nomination Form.

The award materials are available in the nomination packet.

The Membership and Activity Award recognizes outstanding ABA membership efforts, involvement  and activity of ABA-approved law schools in the ABA Law Student Division. 


ABA-approved law schools. 

Part A – Contact Information 

You will be required to provide accurate contact information for the following individuals: 

  1. Nominee 
  2. Nominator 
  3. Law School SBA President 
  4. Law School ABA Representative 
  5. Law School Dean 

Part B – Nominee Background Information 

You will be required to provide the following background information regarding the nominee: 

  1. Law Student Division activities your law school participated in during the 2023-2024 school year.
  2. Law Student Division funding resources your law school sought during the 2023-2024 school year.
  3. Did the ABA Representative at your law school participate in the Rep Rewards Program during the 2023-2024 school year?

Part C – Narrative Questions (1,250 Word Limit)  

In the narrative portion of the Nomination Packet, you will be required to answer the following  questions about your nominee using a maximum of 1,250 words: 

  1. Law School Activities/Programs: Please describe three of the most significant school activities/programs that most effectively promoted or sought awareness of the ABA Law Student Division to your law students. How did each of these activities/programs benefit the law school student body? (Optional: Space permitting, you may list additional activities/programs beyond the top three.) 
  2. Membership Goals: Tell us about the school’s ABA membership goal and the strategies implemented to achieve the goal. 
  3. Promotion: Did any of your law school activities/programs include the promotion of any ABA Law Student Division activities, such as Work-a-Day, Diversity Day, competitions, and leadership opportunities? Please describe. 
  4. Utilization of ABA Resources: Please describe if, when, and how the ABA Representative, SBA and/or law school administration utilized the resources of the ABA or the ABA Law Student Division this past year (i.e, program speakers, career programs, grant fund, representative and  membership funds, publications, etc.). 
  5. ABA Presence: What, if any, ABA presence or visible ABA support from your administration is  there at your law school? Please describe.  
  6. Response: What is the general reaction and commitment of the student body, faculty, and  administration to the ABA and ABA Law Student Division overall and/or the products and services  offered? 

Part D – Nominator’s Certification 

As the nominator, you will be required to certify that: 

  1. The information contained in the Nomination Packet is true and accurate to the best of your  knowledge. 
  2. The narrative answering the questions in Part C contains no more than 1,250 words. 

Part E – Dean’s Certification 

In order for your nomination to be considered by the ABA Law Student Division Awards Selection  Committee, the Law School Dean or Assistant Dean must affirm your nomination by signing Part E of  the Nomination Packet. Nominators are responsible for completing the Nomination Form in its  entirety and obtaining the dean's signature certifying his/her approval of the nomination.