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The 2023-2024 National Award period is now open. All Nominations must be approved by the Law School Dean or Associate/Assistant Dean and  received by the ABA Law Student Division on or before 12 noon (CDT), Friday, April 26 via the Electronic Nomination Form.

The materials for the application are available in the nomination packet.

The Law Student Division’s Diversity Award serves as a testament to Dean Henry J. Ramsey, Jr. of Howard University for his lifetime commitment to issues of inclusiveness and his efforts to increase  the quality of the practice and study of the law. The Diversity Award serves to recognize excellence in activities that have contributed toward the achievement and advancement of women, minorities, persons with disabilities and persons of differing sexual orientation and gender identities.  

Nomination Eligibility

ABA-approved law schools, their law students and law school organizations. 

Part A – Contact Information

You will be required to provide accurate contact information for the following individuals: 

  1. Nominee 
  2. Nominator 
  3. Law School SBA President 
  4. Law School ABA Representative 
  5. Law School Dean 

Part B – Nominee Background Information

You will be required to provide the following background information regarding the nominee: 

  1. Nominee’s total 2023-2024 budget
  2. 2023-2024 law school enrollment
  3. Nominee’s total student participation

Part C – Narrative Questions (1,250 Word Limit)

In the narrative portion of the Nomination Packet, you will be required to answer the following  questions about your nominee using a maximum of 1,250 words:  

  1. Description: Describe the nominee's event/program/initiative and identify the group(s) for which it sought to raise awareness.
  2. New or Existing Initiative: Indicate if this was a new or existing event/program/initiative.
    1. If new, please describe the issues/situations that prompted the need for the program and indicate if the goals the nominee wished to accomplish were met and if the program will continue in future years.
    2. If existing, please indicate its inception and goals of the program. Please also describe if and how this program differed from previous years and what, if any, new and innovative ideas were implemented this year.
  3. Awareness: How did the nominee's event/program/initiative contribute to a heightened awareness and sensitivity to diversity?
  4. Role: What role(s) did legal education or law school resources play in the success of the event/program/initiative?
  5. Participation: What was the overall participation, reaction and commitment of the student body, faculty, administration and community to this diversity program?
  6. Benefits: Describe the short and long-term benefits that this event/program/initiative provided to the law student body, law school or community.
  7. Promotion: Did you promote/market this event as part of the ABA Law Student Division Diversity Day Program? If so, please describe.

Part D – Nominator’s Certification

As the nominator, you will be required to certify that: 

  1. The information contained in the Nomination Packet is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. 
  2. The narrative answering the questions in Part C contains no more than 1,250 words. 

Part E – Dean’s Certification

In order for your nomination to be considered by the ABA Law Student Division Awards Selection  Committee, the Law School Dean or Assistant Dean must affirm your nomination by signing Part E  of the Nomination Packet. Nominators are responsible for completing the Nomination Form in its  entirety and obtaining the dean's signature certifying his/her approval of the nomination.