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Division Premium Service Providers

Premium Solutions Provider Packages are available now!

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Clio is cloud-based legal practice management solution that allows lawyers to manage their matters, documents, and bills in one place. It connects with your email, keeps a calendar of tasks, and tracks the time you spend on matters up to the second.

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Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter helps law firms increase their revenue by more than 20% and offer better client service. Founded in 2008 as the first cloud-based product on the market, it offers an all-in-one legal practice management platform with the most powerful, easy-to-use time and billing software in the industry. With award-winning customer service based in the United States, its no wonder thousands of law firms love Rocket Matter.

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Law Pay

Trust your transactions to the only payment solution recommended by over 70 bar associations. Correctly safeguard and separate client funds into trust and operating accounts. The ability to accept credit cards attracts clients, improves cash flow and reduces collections. Plus, attorneys save up to 25% off their credit card processing fees. To learn more call 866-376-0950 or visit our website.

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MyCase is an affordable, intuitive and powerful legal case management software designed for the modern law firm. Give your law firm the advantage of a complete case management software solution – get organized with contacts, calendars, cases, documents, time tracking, and billing. MyCase also includes a first of its kind integrated client portal so everyone stays informed and connected. ABA members get a 20% lifetime discount.

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Tabs3 Software is a reliable, easy-to-use, integrated suite of billing, practice management, and financial products for legal professionals. Install Tabs3 Billing and PracticeMaster on your server, then use Tabs3 Connect to access your data via tablets, smartphones, laptops — anywhere you have internet access. Schedule a walkthrough demo to learn more.

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4legalleads is one of the most expert, experienced legal lead providers in the industry. We've been helping attorneys grow their law firms with quality leads since the earliest days of online lead generation in 2001. We provide you with Exclusive, Real-Time Live Calls and Web Leads that are quality-filtered and backed by the latest innovations in technology for connecting those seeking legal help to law firms. Create your account today. It only takes a moment, and you'll receive personalized service from our dedicated customer support team to help you get started. ‪(866) 400-6999.

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In today’s mobile world, your business needs its’ own app, under your brand, to engage your customers. Your app must entice your customers to do business directly with you, as a one-stop destination, with built-in on demand business assistance. We can provide your business with a 'sticky' business app. Or, if you have an app, we can make it 'sticky' with business interactivity added to it. Moxtra comes from a rich heritage of collaboration tracing back to WebEx: Moxtra's co-founder and CEO, Subrah Iyar, was the co-founder and CEO of WebEx.

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BQE Core Legal

With over 400,000 users worldwide, BQE Software is the leader in cloud-based practice management software. BQE Core Legal’s fully-integrated time and billing accessible anywhere on any device means capturing all billable hours and faster invoicing. Discover how BQE CORE Legal helps improve your profits while effectively managing client matters.

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GoToConnect leads the Hosted VoIP industry in customer support and reliability. With all-inclusive features, complete control of its platform and many datacenters distributed worldwide providing redundant service, GoToConnect sets the pace for the Hosted VoIP industry.

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Last Pass

LastPass is trusted by over 17 million users and 61,000 businesses to store and fill passwords, credit cards and other personal information. Use LastPass to generate strong passwords for you and fill them automatically when you visit sites an apps – across all of your devices.

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Nuance Dragon Legal Anywhere

Nuance Dragon Legal Anywhere is AI-powered speech recognition that empowers users to create documents three times faster than typing, reduce costs and focus on client service. With a specialized legal vocabulary, Dragon Legal Anywhere enables up to 99% accurate transcription from day one.

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From incident response to risk assessments, and complex forensics to breach notification and litigation support, Kroll's cyber experts can help in every step of the way toward cyber resilience. With over 550 experts, our global team handles 3,200+ incidents every year, including some of the most complex and highest-profile matters in the world. We know what is at stake and deliver critical security insight to help organizations strengthen their privacy and information security programs. For more information visit

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