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The Technology Advantage: How Your Peers Are Maximizing Every Minute



  • Learn how your firm can use legal technology to maximize every minute of their firm while delighting clients.
  • Discover the benefits of five top features in legal tech that can help you increase billable hours and streamline your practice.
  • Explore how MyCase’s end-to-end practice management solution offers the benefits of each top feature.
The Technology Advantage: How Your Peers Are Maximizing Every Minute

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How can you maximize every minute? Which features do you need to ensure long-term financial success while delighting clients? Below, we cover the top five technology features that can help you ensure sustainable growth at every stage of your firm’s journey.

5 Tech Features to Make the Most of Your Time 

Online Payments

The MyCase Legal Industry Report surveyed 2,000 legal professionals, 73% of which stated that getting paid was a challenge for their firm. Additionally, the report also found that the collection rates for those who accepted online payments were nearly 10% higher than those who didn’t. 

What are the benefits of online payments? 

  • Simplify the payments process 

With MyCase, you can automate invoices and send them with a clickable payment link—saving time while providing client convenience.

  • Provide client-friendly options 

Providing clients with multiple ways to pay allows them to pay on their terms. With legal fee financing, your firm can even offer the option to pay over time while receiving the entire amount upfront.

What legal professionals say:

I can create an itemized invoice that is transmitted electronically to the client. This has significantly reduced the time it takes to receive payments.

Mark Brengelman, Mark R. Brengelman Law PLLC

Lead and Client Intake Automation 

According to the MyCase Industry Report, 50% of legal practitioner respondents find lead intake challenging. Leveraging technology for lead management allows prospective clients to fill out their information on your site and request information with little to no work on your part. 

What are the benefits of client intake automation tools? 

  • Faster onboarding

Utilizing electronic signatures, or eSignatures, gives you and your clients a quick and convenient way to digitally collect legally binding signatures. This can greatly speed up the client intake process, onboarding, and other case paperwork. 

  • Automated intake forms and workflows 

Prospects can simply contact you by filling out their information on embedded intake forms located on your site. You can then automate response messages to ensure prompt response times. 

What legal professionals say:

With MyCase eSignature, we cut client intake time in half—maybe more. We can do a lot more in an hour now than we could ever do before MyCase.

Kim Leval, Sorenson Law Office

Document Management

Easily create, share, and store documents in a single, secure location. Legal document management software can help you ensure that your whole team is on the same page and has access to the most recently updated version of each document. This also enables remote work. 

What are the benefits of document management software? 

  • One secure place for all documents

With case management software, all documents can be stored in a single source of truth. Share, tag, and comment on documents in real time to easily collaborate with coworkers and clients. Also, you can determine who has access to view, edit, and share each document. 

  • Document automation 

Create custom templates for documents and allow events (such as someone filling out a client intake form) to trigger an auto-population. This can save hours of time in data entry and reduce potential errors in documentation. 

What legal professionals say:

Having [all document versions] stored in one place chronologically infinitely helps. That’s probably the top thing that helps us collaborate. If someone is working from home or even if we’re all in-office, being able to see everybody’s versions is the best thing for our team.

Chelsea Wansley, Easterling Family Law

Time Tracking

If you’ve found that accurately capturing your billable time can be a challenge, you’re not alone. The MyCase Industry Report determined that 61% of respondents struggle to capture billable time. Time-tracking software provides several ways to make this process simpler, freeing up your time and ensuring that you get paid for every billable minute. 

What are the benefits of time-tracking software? 

  • Automated invoicing 

With time-tracking software, you can auto-populate invoices using time entries. Also, this feature automatically sends invoices and reminders on unpaid invoices. 

  • Set timers and reminders to ensure time is captured 

Rely on timers and automated reminders to log time, ensuring that every minute of potential revenue is recorded. MyCase allows you to switch between up to three timers simultaneously to record hours spent on billable tasks. If you forget to set a timer, you can rely on the MyCase Smart Time Finder feature for a list of completed tasks, such as a client phone call—jogging your memory of what you worked on.

What legal professionals say:

MyCase has enabled us to keep better track of the time that we’re using. We can learn whether we’re using that time efficiently, and we can access our data in a much more useful way.

Nicole DeBorde, Hochglaube and DeBorde P.C.

Client Portal and Text Messaging

Leveraging client communication tools such as an all-in-one client portal or text messaging makes it simple and easy to streamline communication and keep clients up to date—bettering the client experience and freeing up your time to focus on billable tasks. 

What are the benefits of a client portal? 

  • Allow clients to communicate on their terms 

MyCase provides a Client Portal and other specialized features that make client communication a breeze. You can communicate with clients in their preferred way, whether that be by text, email, or through the portal. 

  • Securely share sensitive information with clients 

Easily share invoices and files, accept payments, and message clients in a secure, private location.

What legal professionals say:

[Clients] don’t need to dig through email. And when we’re referencing multiple things, it’s easy for the client to go on that conversation journey with us [...] Having everything we reference in one place is a helpful thing for them. For the client, it feels more professional to have everything at their fingertips, specifically [around] billing.

Chelsea Wansley, Easterling Family Law

Every Minute Maximized 

MyCase practice management software boosts your firm efficiency, giving you the flexibility to refocus an extra 3+ billable hours daily on the things that matter most to you. Automate legal document management, create invoices quickly, and easily manage cases. Ready to maximize your hours and minimize your cost? Learn more to see how your firm can achieve bigger greatness for you and your clients.