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Six Smart Strategies for Law Firms to Finish Strong in 2023

Bruce Policky


  • Client Relationship Focus: Nurture client relationships, seek feedback, and use CRM software for data maintenance and communication.
  • Financial Management: Address unpaid invoices efficiently with legal software for improved cash flow and financial insights.
  • Operational Review and Planning: Evaluate firm performance, streamline processes, and develop a tailored marketing plan for a successful year.
Six Smart Strategies for Law Firms   to Finish Strong in 2023

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1. Check in with your clients

Building and maintaining strong client relationships is vital for a successful legal practice. Contact your clients to ask about their satisfaction, address concerns, and gather valuable feedback. 

Specialized law practice management software like a client relationship management (CRM) tool can play a pivotal role in communications and help maintain updated client data and records of all interactions.

You may also want to perform an internal review of your clients. After all, good client relationships go both ways. Ask yourself these questions: Are you maintaining services for a client who consistently pays late? Could you focus on other new or current clients to better serve your firm’s goals and bottom line? 

2. Wrap up any open or overdue invoices

Because unpaid invoices can significantly impact your firm’s cash flow and profitability, identify and address any open or overdue invoices and set up payment arrangements. Don’t let these invoices turn into next year’s problem.

With the right legal software, you can easily generate and track invoices, send timely reminders, and simplify payment processes without eating into billable hours. The best software options have reporting features to help you gain insights into your firm’s financial health and identify areas for improvement.

3. Start organizing your calendar

As you head into Q4, review and update your firm’s calendar for the upcoming year. Scheduling appointments, court dates, deadlines, and tasks in an effective calendaring system can help every member of your firm manage time more efficiently.

Consider a calendaring tool that provides visibility and flexibility to schedule and set reminders for one person, a group, or everyone in your firm. By carefully planning and scheduling workloads, you can start 2024 on the right foot with minimal disruptions and maximum productivity.

4. Complete an operational review

This critical step to evaluate your firm’s performance data will help identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. A thorough review is instrumental in identifying trends and deciding how to move forward.

If your firm has maintained consistent and meticulous time records during the year, that information will be valuable when generating reports. Then, you can review activities and productivity at individual and organizational levels.

Use your software’s reporting features to assess key performance metrics such as billable hours, client acquisition costs, and resource utilization.

Take a critical look at those reports. As you perform your operational review, consider these questions:

  • Where can processes and workflows be streamlined or reassigned to increase profitability?

  • What improvements or changes can be made now and measured for effectiveness in 2024?

Answering these questions will help you make data-driven decisions, improve operational processes, and optimize firm efficiency.

5. Make a marketing plan for a successful year ahead

A well-crafted marketing plan is essential for attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. Take the time to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for the coming year. Determine which practice areas are most profitable and then focus your marketing efforts accordingly. 

If you’re using legal CRM software, check whether you’re getting the most out of it. A client relationship management tool with law firm-specific functionality will help you win business, connect with clients, and maximize billable hours. Additionally, you should be able to segment your client base and target specific demographics with tailored marketing messages.

Finally, examine your marketing spend and ROI for the year. Where do you see the most significant returns? It may make sense to double down on what’s working and cut back or eliminate what is not.

6. Make remote work easy

Remote work offers flexibility and accessibility, and remote solutions allow your team to work from anywhere. Secure access to essential case information, billing records, and client data improves your firm’s agility and enhances employee satisfaction and work-life balance.

Cloud and hosted software for lawyers has become more versatile, and features to access documents, manage matters and case files, and provide online payment options have become more powerful. Streamlined workflow and productivity tools can provide a seamless experience.

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Even if it seems early, law firms can take proactive steps to finish 2023 strong and prepare for a successful year ahead. 

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