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Zachary Bambacht


  • LP offers specialized committees catering to diverse interests and practice areas within the legal profession.
  • Members of LP benefit from extensive networking opportunities and a wealth of resources designed to empower legal professionals at every stage of their careers.
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Whether you're a seasoned attorney or just starting your career, the Law Practice Division (LP) provides access to invaluable tools, insights and connections to help you thrive in today's legal landscape. LP is dedicated to enhancing the knowledge, skills and success of its members, offering a wide range of resources, including conferences, publications and networking opportunities. Learn about some of these resources below.

2024 GPSolo, LP & YLD Joint Spring Conference

The upcoming 2024 GPSolo, LP & YLD Joint Spring Conference offers engaging CLE and programs, prime networking opportunities and rewarding events tailored for legal professionals from the GPSolo, LP and YLD (Young Lawyers Division) communities. Whether you're embarking on your legal journey or possess years of expertise, our programming will ensure that you'll find the resources to help you be a better lawyer and to manage your practice. Register today!

Lawyer Leadership & Management Committee

Our Lawyer Leadership and Management Committee continues to develop valuable content to help you lead your firm and manage your practice. The committee's primary objective is to provide guidance, support and resources to help, including:

Lawyer Leadership Resource Center

The Lawyer Leadership Resource Center is an ABA member benefit provided by the Law Practice Division. Its mission statement is: Leadership is about influence and all lawyers influence others: clients, those they work with and those in the communities they serve. The purpose of the Resource Center is to provide lawyers with a gateway to available resources in lawyer leadership and management.

Collaborative Engagement

Join our Managing Partners Community on LinkedIn to connect with other law firm leaders. This private group offers a platform to ask questions, share ideas and discuss concerns related to law firm leadership. You don't need to create a new login; simply request access via the provided link. We welcome managing partners and those in similar leadership roles, such as managing shareholders and lawyer CEOs, regardless of ABA membership. LinkedIn is a widely used platform among lawyers, with 97 percent usage according to the 2022 ABA Legal Technology Report.

Online Community

ABA Online Communities are a space for you to connect with other ABA Members and committees through interactive discussions, content sharing and much more.

Sample Repository

Search the Lawyer Leadership Sample Repository for sample forms on Law Firm Organization and Ownership, Sample Job Descriptions, Related Real Property LLP Organization, Ethics, Evaluation Forms, and Attorney Advancement and Retirement.

Lawyer Leadership Mastermind Series

Mastermind-style discussions of some of the most pressing issues facing law firms today are designed for managing partners, practice group leaders, other law firm leaders and those interested in being future leaders. Masterminds are peer-to-peer discussion groups used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other participants. Each of the ABA Lawyer Leadership Mastermind sessions starts with a short talk by an expert who will offer some “food for thought” to stimulate discussion. This is followed by a facilitated conversation where participants are invited to share their own experiences, insights, questions, and lessons learned. The goal is for participants to leave with new ideas, inspiration and a sense of community. There is no cost for this ABA member benefit program.

The Law Practice Division continues to be a partner for you, providing expertise, resources and opportunities for the continued development of your career path. We look forward to bringing you even more new programs and content to support your management objectives for the immediate future and beyond.