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Embracing the Future of Legal Marketing: A Look Back at ABA TECHSHOW 2024

Zachary Bambacht


  • ABA TECHSHOW 2024 provided legal professionals with access to top-notch expertise and resources.
  • Attendees of TECHSHOW 2024 gained valuable insights into navigating the complexities of digital marketing.
  • Sessions delved into a variety of topics, including tech-inspired marketing strategies, social media marketing and ethics in advertising.
Embracing the Future of Legal Marketing: A Look Back at ABA TECHSHOW 2024

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In the ever-changing realm of legal technology and marketing, ABA TECHSHOW 2024 showcased the best resources and leading expertise for legal professionals. Our immersive event brought together a diverse range of marketing programs curated by our ABA TECHSHOW Board to equip attendees with the indispensable knowledge and tools required to flourish in today's digital landscape.

Among the standout sessions was Small Firms, Big Impact: Tech-Inspired Marketing Strategies for Modern Law Practices. This session delved deep into actionable strategies drawn from the tech industry, seamlessly tailored for the nuanced landscape of the legal sector. Attendees were treated to invaluable insights on website optimization, content creation, social media engagement and online reputation management—all intricately woven with expert legal marketing finesse.

The Social Media Marketing: Strategy & Mindset program served as a beacon, demystifying the complexities of social media for legal professionals. The session illuminated the path to social media success, emphasizing the paramount importance of a clear, consistent strategy and meaningful engagement over mere presence.

Another pivotal session, Ethics of Law Firm Advertising and Solicitation tackled the delicate balance between aggressive marketing and adherence to the Rules of Professional Conduct. The program offered guidance on navigating compliance with ethics rules amidst the digital revolution in client acquisition strategies. Attendees gained insights into avoiding the unauthorized practice of law across jurisdictions and mediums, ensuring their marketing strategies uphold the highest ethical standards.

The session, Do’s and Don’ts of Today’s LinkedIn, examined the evolving landscape of social media for legal professionals, with a focus on harnessing LinkedIn's potential. Attendees were equipped with best practices to navigate recent changes effectively, transforming LinkedIn into a dynamic tool for networking, visibility and engagement.

The session Law Firm SEO: A Methodology to Objectively Evaluate Online Marketing Companies provided a comprehensive framework for maximizing a law firm's online presence. Led by industry experts, this session empowered participants to evaluate and engage with web marketing vendors strategically, ensuring optimal outcomes for their firms.

Further enriching our marketing discourse was the engaging Google Business Profiles Workshop. This hands-on session provided practical insights and actionable strategies to elevate online visibility and credibility for legal professionals and their practices.

These programs, among an amazing lineup, underscored the critical synergy between marketing strategies and legal expertise. Other programming offerings at TECHSHOW 2024 included automation, client experience, cybersecurity, document management, ethics, financial management, futures, industry solutions, legal ops, litigation, time management, transactional tech, all to support practice management. By integrating marketing prowess with legal acumen, attendees gained invaluable insights into enhancing visibility, fostering client engagement and ultimately propelling the success of their legal practices within the digital ecosystems we rely on or will need.

As we reflect on the triumphs and wisdom gleaned from ABA TECHSHOW 2024, we are excited for the forthcoming ABA TECHSHOW 2025. Set to unfold at our new Chicago location, the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place & McCormick Place, April 2–5, 2025, next year's event promises an even more exhilarating array of marketing programs, complementing the core legal tech offerings synonymous with our show's legacy.

ABA TECHSHOW 2025 remains unwavering in our commitment to serve as the premier destination for legal professionals, at the vanguard of legal technology and marketing. Whether you're seeking to refine your marketing acumen or explore the cutting-edge realms of legal tech, ABA TECHSHOW is a critical mass of legal and legal technology experts charting the course to the future of practice management. Registration is now open for ABA TECHSHOW 2025. For more information please visit: