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Perspectives: ABA TECHSHOW

Mary E Vandenack


  • The legal profession, like many others, has been undergoing a significant transformation due to advancements in technology.
  • ABA TECHSHOW 2024 will feature sessions on cutting-edge technologies, cybersecurity best practice and compliance.
  • ABA TECHSHOW is an event for legal professionals to network, explore innovations, leverage technology for efficiency and adapt to the changing legal tech landscape.
Perspectives: ABA TECHSHOW

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I first joined the American Bar Association Law Practice Division in 1992 because I wanted to understand the business of law. At the time, the most important thing to me from the Division (then a Section) was the Law Practice magazine. In 2005, I left a big law firm to start my own practice. That year, I attended ABA TECHSHOW and have rarely missed the event since.

The legal profession, like many others, has been undergoing a significant transformation due to advancements in technology. While artificial intelligence (AI) has been around in some form for a long time, AI has risen to a new level over the past year. Keeping up with AI and other changes and staying at the forefront of legal tech trends is essential for lawyers and legal professionals. One of the most anticipated events in the legal tech calendar is ABA TECHSHOW, and in 2024, it promises to be more exciting and insightful than ever.

ABA TECHSHOW has been a staple in the legal tech community for years. Each year, it brings together legal professionals, tech enthusiasts and innovators to discuss the latest developments in legal technology, share best practices and explore how technology can enhance the practice of law. The 2024 TECHSHOW will be a game-changer for attendees due to the focus on emerging technologies, cybersecurity and the evolving legal landscape.

There were years that I attended ABA TECHSHOW and thought “there doesn’t seem to be a lot of new stuff this year.” That won’t be the case in 2024. Legal technology has evolved at an astonishing pace.

From the rise of AI-powered legal research tools to regular use of the cloud, technology has become something that must be fundamental in the legal profession. ABA TECHSHOW 2024 will provide a platform for legal professionals to explore the latest innovations and discover how they can leverage technology to improve efficiency, streamline processes and better serve their clients.

ABA TECHSHOW 2024 will include exploration of emerging technologies that have the potential to disrupt the legal industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to delve into cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to revolutionize how legal services are delivered.

As reliance on technology increases, cyberattacks have become more common. Law firms are prime targets because of the sensitive information they collect and maintain. ABA TECHSHOW 2024 will feature comprehensive sessions and workshops dedicated to cybersecurity best practices, data protection and compliance. Staying informed about security measures is critical for each and every attorney. It’s not enough to rely on your IT department. All lawyers need to understand risks such as QR-ishing.

There has been a surge in legal tech start-ups offering innovative solutions to lawyers dealing with common challenges in daily law practice. ABA TECHSHOW 2024 will provide start-ups an opportunity to showcase their new services. ABA TECHSHOW will also have its longtime EXPO Hall packed with vendors offering legal solutions.

ABA TECHSHOW offers amazing networking opportunities. After routinely attending, I have developed colleagues and friends throughout the country to whom I can reach out to for technology solutions. While the educational sessions are great, you will be missing out on a significant part of the value of the TECHSHOW if you miss the networking events or avoid the EXPO Hall. I very much recommend that you tour it and chat with every single vendor.

An important aspect of the ABA TECHSHOW, as compared to other legal technology shows, is that our speakers are independent experts on the topic. There is no “pay-to-play” to present at ABA TECHSHOW. As a result, attendees get an unbiased perspective on the tools needed to help shape the future of practice.