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The Finance Issue (September/October 2023)

Volume 49, Issue 5


The Evolution of Equity Partner Compensation

John Scott

Design a compensation system that allows partners to envision themselves as part of your future. This article highlights the use of a goal-based system and how it can improve the overall vision partn…

Sep 01, 2023 8 min read

Regular Features


Simple Steps: Budgeting for Law Firms

Allison C Johs

When preparing your budget, be sure to involve key stakeholders in the process. The process of creating a budget forces the firm’s management to take a hard look, not only at costs and expenses, but…

Sep 01, 2023 5 min read


Product Watch: Saving Time with TimeSolv

Julie Bays

TimeSolv advertises that it’s the market leader in usability by offering user-friendly and intuitive features that streamline the process of managing legal billing services.

Sep 01, 2023 5 min read


Taking the Lead: Taking Breaks

Linda A Klein and John Hinton IV

A good break from the mental grind has a restorative effect. This is not a call to work less or to waste time. Rather it is a call to be mindful of whether you are getting the most productivity out o…

Sep 01, 2023 3 min read