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News & Events: Practice Management Is Who We Are

Zachary Bambacht


  • The Law Practice Division (LP) is committed to delivering resources and support to lawyers, law firms and other legal professionals.
News & Events: Practice Management Is Who We Are
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The Law Practice Division (LP) is committed to delivering resources and support to lawyers, law firms and other legal professionals. It is core to our mission, on behalf of our members, to offer a menu of programs and services designed to help members improve their practice management skills, including leadership development, marketing, finance and technology.

Practice Management

In terms of practice management, our dedicated active members develop premier educational resources, content and events on topics such as effective leadership, time management and client relationship management. We also develop critical resources such as model policies and sample forms that can help attorneys manage their practices more efficiently. We are especially proud of our Lawyer Leadership Resource Center. The purpose of the Resource Center is to provide lawyers with a gateway to available resources around lawyer leadership and management.

Lawyer Leadership Sample Repository

It includes a wide array of forms and policy resources for lawyers and law firm leaders to manage and lead a law firm. Topics include organizational forms, accounting and billing, job descriptions, facilities leases, ethics and professionalism, strategic opportunities procedures, management and committee structures, lawyer and personnel evaluation, attorney advancement, retirement and quality of life.

Leadership Publications and Writings

Discover an organized list of books, articles, and other resources on leadership and management for the legal profession. Listed items come from both within and outside the ABA and have been categorized by topic for easy reference and access.

Leadership Programming

Find an organized listing of online leadership and management educational resources, including interactive educational programs (including the LP Mastermind series), webinars (CLEqualified and non-CLE), and podcasts.

Lawyer Leader Collaborative Engagement

There is an invitation-only community for managing partners and those in law firm leadership, the purpose of which is to facilitate supportive communication among those experiencing similar, and often difficult, challenges in lawyer leadership.


We also provide access to resources such as sample marketing materials and guidance on social media marketing, marketing plans, building a website presence, networking and information on legal marketing trends and developments. We are especially proud of our marketing webinars.


We offer programs, content and books specifically focused on financial management for law firms, including guidance on billing and collection, financial planning and budgeting.


We are passionate about legal technology. Be sure to check out our Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC). LTRC is an ABA member benefit provided by LP. Through publications, blog posts, webinars and other free resources, LTRC helps lawyers identify opportunities, overcome obstacles and understand how technology tools can improve their practices.

And we certainly have to mention the Division’s premier annual event: The ABA TECHSHOW Conference and EXPO is where lawyers, legal professionals and technology all come together. For several days, attendees learn about the most useful and practical technologies available. Our variety of CLE programming offers a great deal of education in just a short amount of time. Save the dates of February 14–17, 2024.

LP is a valuable resource included as part of your ABA membership, for lawyers and legal professionals looking to improve their practice management skills and stay up to date on the latest developments in the legal field.