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The Marketing Issue (March/April 2023)

Volume 49, Issue 2


The Eyes Have It

Cayce Crown, Sherri Phillips, Lynn Lavender, and Carol Schiro Greenwald

Brand yourself with videos, put a name to your face with a professional headshot and reach your audience with multimedia storytelling. The value of visuals is a way of communicating factual content a…

Mar 01, 2023 9 min read

The Why and How of Networking

Amy B Goldsmith

When you’re open to the possibilities, networking opportunities are abound. Networking should tie back to your goals. Perhaps more importantly, why are you networking?

Mar 01, 2023 9 min read

Regular Features


Ethics: Can I Sell That?

Lucian T Pera

As much as the times have changed, the ad rules still impose serious restrictions on lawyer solicitation, even if the landscape now permits more direct and creative marketing to clients.

Mar 01, 2023 5 min read



Marketing: Guilt by Associations

Micah U Buchdahl

Association involvement is still a wise business development in 2023—assuming you plan it out and make the proper investment. Don’t just be a joiner, be a doer.

Mar 01, 2023 6 min read