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News & Events: Introducing Our Lawyer Leadership Resource Center

Zachary Bambacht


  • The purpose of the Law Practice Division’s Resource Center is to provide lawyers with a gateway to available resources in lawyer leadership and management.
News & Events: Introducing Our Lawyer Leadership Resource Center Sayin

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Leadership is about influence, and all lawyers influence others: clients, those they work with and those in the communities they serve. The purpose of the Law Practice Division’s Resource Center is to provide lawyers with a gateway to available resources in lawyer leadership and management. On the page you will find:

Lawyer Leadership Sample Repository. A wide array of forms and policy resources for lawyers and law firm leaders to manage and lead a law firm. Topics include organizational form, accounting and billing, job descriptions, facilities lease, ethics and professionalism, strategic opportunities procedures, management and committee structures, lawyer and personnel evaluation, attorney advancement, retirement and quality of life.

Leadership Publications and Writings. An organized list of books, articles and other resources on leadership and management for the legal profession. Listed items come from both within and outside the ABA and have been categorized by topic for easy reference and access.

Lawyer Leader Collaborative Engagement. An invitation-only community for managing partners and those in law firm leadership, the purpose of which is to facilitate supportive communication among those experiencing similar, and often difficult, challenges in lawyer leadership.

Lawyer Leadership Mastermind Series. Join your fellow managing partners, practice group leaders and other law firm leaders for mastermind-style discussions of some of the most pressing issues facing law firms today. Masterminds are peer-to-peer discussion groups used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other participants. There is no cost for this programming, it is an included value with your ABA membership!

Our past programs have included:

  • Best Practices for Planning a Safe and Effective Return to the Office
  • Herding Lions: Getting Partners on Board with Necessary Changes
  • What Now? What Next? Planning for the Future in an Uncertain World
  • Lawyer Well-Being: The Best Law Firm You Can Be
  • Does the Compensation System Thwart Your Law Firm’s Goals?
  • Succession Planning: What’s Your Next Step?

Please check the website for our latest program offerings.

The Lawyer Leadership Resource Center is brought to you by our Lawyer Leadership and Management committee. Its mission includes providing a forum for practical information, discussion and programs relevant to the management of law firms and legal organizations. From recruitment and staffing to compensation and billing rates, Lawyer Leadership and Management reviews all issues concerning the administration of law firms and legal organizations, including client relations from retention through disengagement. It provides leadership information and training to lawyers so they can be better leaders by equipping them with the vision, knowledge and skills necessary to serve as leaders in the profession and in the community as a whole. The committee also raises awareness of the broad range of issues and challenges facing leadership and management in the practice of law.

If you have an interest in becoming more involved with the Law Practice Division or becoming a volunteer member on any of our committees, including Lawyer Leadership and Management, please reach out to us. We are here to help and would love to support you getting more involved.