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Better Than a Gift Card: Holiday Gifts for Lawyers

Ruby Lichte Powers


  • Buying gifts for lawyers is tough because they like things a certain way. But instead of basic presents they should be receiving gifts that could be more beneficial to them.
Better Than a Gift Card: Holiday Gifts for Lawyers
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Is there a lawyer in the family? Maybe you are the lawyer in the family (if so, stop and give this to your kids, spouse and friends). Moving on. Buying gifts for lawyers is so tough because they like things a certain way. On top of that, people are always giving lawyers basic gifts such as an engraved notebook, an engraved pen, a gavel with engraved stand or a coffee mug. But instead of these basic presents, they should be receiving gifts that could be more beneficial to them. Lawyers work so hard throughout the year, and they should be appreciated! Here are the best gift ideas when shopping for an attorney (if they’ve been good).

Walking in a Tech Wonderland

Lawyers are all about tech, so help them stay updated with the best tools. One of my favorites is the Mobile Pixels Duex Lite/Plus ( This dual-screen mobile monitor attaches to your laptop and allows you to work on two screens—perfect for working on the go.

Making sure that a lawyer’s electronics are charged is crucial, and having to connect three different things with different charging cables is annoying. Native Union’s Snap 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger is a wonderful alternative ( Charge an iPhone, an Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously just by placing them on the stand—no more cables for three different things.

Lawyers work everywhere they go—whether it’s an airport, airplane or coffee shop. Most of these places are noisy, which is why the Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Apple W1 headphone chip are essential ( The headphones will allow lawyers to concentrate on their work by blocking out other noises.

In the morning, everyone wants a hot coffee. But after a while, it gets cold. The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug is the solution ( It will keep coffee at the perfect temperature desired—this way, lawyers can enjoy their coffee whenever they want!

All I Want for Christmas Is Food

Lawyers who work all the time need some caffeine. So, why not get them their own Breville Nespresso VertuoPlus deluxe coffee and espresso single-serve machine ( Your favorite lawyer can make their own coffee anytime they want.

Attorneys are always busy—we all know that. A lot of them have families, and there is only so much time during the day so they may not always have time to cook or meal prep for the week. HelloFresh is a fantastic meal prep subscription service that delivers ingredients and recipes that will take approximately 30 minutes or less, right to your door ( Perfect for an attorney without a lot of time during their day to shop and cook.

May Your Days Be Merry and Full of Accessories

Extras are always necessary. One of the best gifts for a lawyer who logs too much screen time is a pair of Bon Charge Computer Glasses ( The lenses filter blue light, which is so healthy and favorable for lawyers who are always working on their computer.

Another enjoyable accessory to gift a lawyer would be the Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + Cellular ( Lawyers can use the watch to get to meetings on time. The + cellular function is convenient if you forget your phone at home or in the car, since you can take phone calls on your watch. Apple Watch also works as a health tracker by tracking workouts, steps, sleep, daily water consumption, etc. Not an Apple user? There are equivalent products for Android users.

Santa’s Workout Shop

Sometimes lawyers may not have time to work out due to their busy schedules, but another way lawyers can stay healthy while at work is by having a VIVO Standing Desk Converter (

Another option for staying healthy at their desk is the Cubii Under Desk Elliptical pedal exerciser ( This elliptical helps burn calories and has different levels of resistance. It even tracks your use via Bluetooth. It’s like riding a bike at your desk while working.

Or go all out with the FlexiSpot Office Desk Stationary Exercise Bike ( This bike is outstanding because it has its own desk to work on. You can answer emails or even write a brief while also getting in your workout by cycling. This can be done at the office or at home; work out at any time.

Dear Santa, Talk to My Lawyer

Gifting legal services can help a law office run more smoothly. Some consultation or sleuthing may be necessary, but services could be a great gift. Some ideas are LEX Reception (, ( or Ruby Receptionists (, all of which provide 24/7 receptionist services and help schedule consultations with online scheduling tools. Stafi offers a variety of virtual assistants (from marketing to receptionist to legal assistant help) to help run a law firm (

Another useful tool is a yearly subscription to WordRake, which is an editing tool for writing. ( Or try HeyKona for employee morale, mental health and icebreakers for the law office team ( Project management tool subscriptions such as Trello (, Monday ( or Miro ( will keep lawyers organized.

Some lawyers are looking for an efficient client relationship management system such as Lawmatics ( Mailchimp ( and Canva ( are superb subscriptions for attorneys trying to up their marketing efforts. Lastly, one of the tools I use every day is Otter (otter. ai), which transcribes what people are saying in virtual meetings.

‘Tis the Season for Self-Care

There is nothing better than self-care or caring about the well-being of others. Selfcare items are always welcome: bath bombs, bath salts or a ceramide hydration face mask. Add on a massage, spa day or Reiki session for an even more special gift!

After a long day at court, running errands or an intense workout, your favorite attorney may enjoy a foot massage at home with the BACKplus Shiatsu Foot Massager ( This massager provides relief for leg pain, eases foot aches and improves blood circulation.

A subscription to a self-care app like Calm (calm. com) or Headspace ( is a brilliant idea as well. Imagine, after a long day of work, going home, eating a healthy meal, getting a good workout in, a nice shower, then getting  on the self-care app to meditate or to destress. After that, you’re out like a light.

If apps are not your thing, reading a book at night can also alleviate one’s mind. You can find a list of my favorite books at

Dashing Through the Fun

Experiences are in! Buy memberships to local museums, schedule a stadium or neighborhood tour, or get season tickets to the theater or a sports team. Kick it up a notch by buying tickets for an hour or two to a jumping trampoline park or adventure park like Urban Air (urbanair. com) or iFly ( Or try fruit picking, flower picking or a wine tasting. Feeling more adventurous? Check out options for horseback riding, fishing, zip lining or white-water rafting.

Love, Peace, Joy

Most of these gift ideas aren’t only for lawyers. Take some of these ideas and gift them to others as well. Everyone works hard in their own way; people should feel appreciated and cared for during this wonderful time of the year. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!