May 2020

Managing Caseloads Remotely During Coronavirus

How to handle the ups and downs of your legal practice.

Kristin Tyler
A woman videoconferencing with a colleague on her laptop.

A woman videoconferencing with a colleague on her laptop.

via fizkes / Shutterstock

The practice of law can be a bit of a roller-coaster—especially for a solo attorney or small firm. And, with everyone working remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, these survival tips will become especially relevant for all of us. In many respects, the same issues apply. One week you’re totally crushing it and landing every new client you meet. The next week your phones are so quiet you can hear crickets chirping. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with this cycle of feast or famine that so many attorneys experience. Here are a few ways for you to not only survive but thrive during this unprecedented time of downturns as well as the peaks.

Take Advantage of Slow Times

It’s completely normal and natural for your business to experience the occasional slow spell. Especially now. If you can accept that and anticipate it, you will mentally be able to navigate the slow times much better than stressing out about them.

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