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September 01, 2023

News and Events: Finance Resources Available to You

Zachary Bambacht
We are committed to offering a comprehensive range of resources designed to support your practice when navigating the complexities of finances.

We are committed to offering a comprehensive range of resources designed to support your practice when navigating the complexities of finances. Levstek

The Law Practice Division (LP) serves as a valuable hub for our members seeking guidance and support in most, if not all, areas of their practices. Among our diverse offerings, our focus on finance stands out as an essential aspect for members seeking to navigate the intricacies of financial management within their firms. It is worth highlighting for you LP’s finance focus and the wealth of resources available to you, as a part of your member benefits, to enhance your financial acumen.

Financial Management Tools

LP has an array of financial management tools designed to assist you in optimizing your firm's financial health. These resources cover topics such as budgeting, forecasting, profitability analysis, pricing strategies and financial benchmarking. You have access to templates, checklists and programs that facilitate effective financial planning and decision making for your firm. These tools empower you to better understand financial performance and make informed strategic decisions.

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Programs

LP also offers an extensive catalog of CLE programs that focus specifically on finance-related subjects. Our programs enable attorneys to expand their knowledge base on essential financial aspects, including accounting practices, trust accounting, taxation, financial ethics and billing strategies. Our Professional Development Board frequently provides new programming and finance is a key area of our focus.

Publications and Periodicals

LP publishes a variety of finance-focused materials to keep you informed about the latest trends, best practices and emerging issues in the realm of financial management. Our publications include:

Law Practice Magazine

Our bimonthly digital magazine covers a broad range of topics related to running a successful law practice, and this includes our current finance issue. The magazine’s authors provide insightful articles, case studies, interviews with industry experts and practical tips to help you navigate the financial challenges of managing a law firm.


LP publishes numerous books and guides that provide in-depth analysis and guidance on various finance-related subjects. From trust accounting to law firm financial management, these resources serve as authoritative references for attorneys seeking comprehensive insights into financial best practices.

Webinars and Online Resources

LP conducts webinars and maintains an extensive online repository of resources that attorneys can access anytime, anywhere. These webinars cover a wide range of finance-related topics and offer opportunities for legal professionals to engage with subject matter experts. LP’s website also features a wealth of articles, blog posts, podcasts and practice management tools, providing lawyers with valuable information and practical tips for enhancing their financial skills.

We are committed to offering a comprehensive range of resources designed specifically to support your practice when navigating the complexities of financial management. As a part of your member benefits, we provide a variety of tools, including financial continuing legal education programs, publications and online resources. At the Law Practice Division, we prioritize providing you with the tools and resources to contribute to your immediate and long-term success.

Zachary Bambacht

Director, ABA Law Practice Division

Zachary Bambacht is the director of the ABA Law Practice Division in Chicago. [email protected]


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