May 01, 2021 May/June 2021

News & Events: Managing in Crisis

Zachary Bambacht

For more than a year now, we have been man­aging our way through extraordinary circumstances. Our expe­riences have taught us to be prepared for the unexpected. But how do we prepare for the unexpected when it is of such a size and scope that it has never been seen before or is so unique in that it changes the course of our nation and world in a way that hasn’t been seen in modern history? We have been managing in crisis, and what will be learned from this experience may be studied for years to come. 


We have changed how and where we work in perhaps the most abrupt and dramatic fashion in the history of the industrialized world. We are at a point where most, if not all, of us fundamen­tally understand working remotely and staying connected with virtual resources now. In a lot of ways, we can break down our assessment of this change from when it started into the buckets of prepared, somewhat prepared and not prepared. Which bucket we fit into, at least in part, determined how we managed forward. If we were not prepared, we had a steeper learning curve and had to react as quickly as possible. If we were some­what prepared, we had to adjust our timelines and resources to address critical deficiencies. If we were prepared, that transition was likely easier, or at least less painful to implement, than our friends in the other buckets. I think it is safe to say all of us are still learning as we continue to utilize tools that help us work remotely and stay connected virtually.

Resources for You

Practice Forward

The Law Practice Division is proud to support the ABA’s Practice Forward resources. The tools and resources on the Practice Forward resources page are continually updated to help move your practice and the legal profession forward during COVID- 19 and beyond. These resources include content that deals with law practice management, professional development, practice of law, COVID-19, and state/local and national affinity bars. 

LP's Attorney Well-Being Committee

Today’s incredible challenges come with an incredible amount of stress that impacts each of us differently. Our Attorney Well- Being Committee is a critical component of the management resources available to you. The Attorney Well-Being Committee provides resources and tools in areas such as career satisfaction, work/life balance, mental/chemical health and addiction issues, physical well-being and many other quality-of-life issues.

We all have different challenges and responsibilities that we manage every day. We are glad that LP is a place for you to interact with your peers and to share your real-world career challenges, engage in meaningful conversations about those, and work toward effective solutions from the collective wisdom of other subject matter experts who can relate. It is our goal that the Law Practice Division is the go-to resource to support you in your career and the management of your practice. If there are additional resources you would like to see, we would love to hear from you. If you would like to contribute, it is our hope you would consider joining a committee or committees of interest to you.

Zachary Bambacht


Zachary Bambacht is the director of the ABA Law Practice Division in Chicago.

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