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March/April 2021

News & Events: Law Practice Marketing Resources

Zachary Bambacht

Marketing is a critical crossroads for many of us. Facing financial pressures, including shrinking budgets and short-term diminished returns, marketing operations typically face a heightened scrutiny. Are you going to continue to invest the same in your marketing, is your marketing an at-risk expense that is viewed as less than critical or is it time to invest more to address those diminishing returns? For all our members, how can we support you with your marketing efforts during these challenging times?

If you are new or have joined the Law Practice Division over the last couple of years, it is important to highlight that Marketing is one of our four core tenets of LP, along with Management, Finance and Technology. For all our members, we want our resources to help you address the challenges you are currently facing. 

Our marketing resources include:


The Law Practice Division has a volunteer-led publishing delivery board that produces books by members and industry experts to support your practice and provide subject matter expertise. We have significant, substantive marketing offerings. These include:

Women Rainmakers’ Best Marketing Tips, Fourth Edition

Tips include: marketing plans, professional image, advertising, social media for today and tomorrow, public relations, networking, communications, entertainment and gifts, business development and more.

Own the Map: Marketing Your Law Firm’s Address Online

With the proliferation of smartphones, people are searching for “pizza restaurants near me,” “ATMs near me,” and, yes, even “divorce lawyers near me.” It’s time for attorneys and law firm marketers to understand that office location in relation to prospective clients is a marketing asset—or a liability—that must be leveraged to maximize effectiveness across all marketing efforts. 

Strategic Networking for Introverts, Extroverts, and Everyone in Between

Networking requires strategy to be effective. Author Carol Schiro Greenwald has written the ultimate guidebook for forging new business relationships by enhancing your natural networking tendencies. Fellow author Carole Levitt says, “This is a must-read book for the introvert and for the extrovert.”

Embrace GENgagement: How to Transform Generational Challenges into Opportunities for You and Your Firm

Generations of workers and external stakeholders cannot unite unless they make a serious attempt to clear away misunderstandings and misinterpretations. They must confront erroneous stereotypes and bias and sincerely care to do it. This thought-provoking and action-inspiring book is a handy reference guide to aid that process.

ABA TechReport 2020

Explore legal technology trends and predictions from industry experts’ analyses of the ABA 2020 Legal Technology Survey Report. The report contains more marketing resources, including a report on websites and marketing. Other reports include: cloud computing, solo and small firm, tech training, practice management, litigation and TAR, and budgeting and planning.

The Law Practice Division is a great resource for your marketing needs, and we are glad to be a part of your ABA experience. If you would like to engage with us further on marketing or practice management topics, please join us at our Spring Meeting, May 2021.

Zachary Bambacht


Zachary Bambacht is the director of the ABA Law Practice Division in Chicago. [email protected]

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