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January/February 2021

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Happy New Year

Zachary Bambacht

I cannot think of a year even close to 2020, a year that it seemed all of us wanted to put it in the rearview mirror and start anew in 2021. We begin this year with new perspectives, evolving challenges and opportunities, and we begin it with hope. A lot of us continue to work remotely, and we have seen many others return to their workplaces over the last several months. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that adaptability is crucial during times like these.

So much has changed since last year’s TECHSHOW. Last year’s show may have been the last significant in-person event some of us attended before the global pandemic changed how we went about our daily lives and how that impacted the work that we do. In a lot of ways, we have re-prioritized what is important, personally and professionally. But here we are, in a new calendar year, and some things are certainly different. What hasn’t changed is that legal tech continues to evolve even if our priorities have shifted. Legal tech even serves a more expanded role now as working remotely went from a small percentage of workers participating or having access to, to something nearly all, if not all, of us have participated in within this last year. The importance of the ABA TECHSHOW has grown to us, and the quality of the experience is more critical than when the urgency for a legal tech conference began 35 years ago.


Virtual is here. I am hard pressed to think of any other conference that is more well suited to evolve, at least for this year, from an in-person event to a virtual conference than a show that has always been about the incorporation of technology into practice settings. If you never attended TECHSHOW before, this virtual presentation makes your participation possible no matter where you are. Instead of hearing from others what all the buzz is about, you can access the amazing programming remotely. Not only that, but you can have the option of attending and accessing programming after TECHSHOW officially concludes its live programming.

Imagine that; it’s not possible to attend all of the programming at an in-person live event, but virtual adds an unprecedented opportunity for access. ABA TECHSHOW isn’t just about the amazing programming. It’s also the unprecedented access to our EXPO Hall and engaging with some of the best providers of products and services in all of legal tech. Want to learn more about particular products or services in legal tech? Come browse the EXPO; the virtual experience is really something to see, and it offers the direct access that you have come to know and expect from our last 35 years of the show. To register, view our packages and to learn more, please visit us at

Zachary Bambacht


Zachary Bambacht is the director of the ABA Law Practice Division in Chicago. [email protected]


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