September/October 2020


Gaining Perspective in Unprecedented Times

Traci Ray

Sitting in our backyard in the middle of May while our children water the garden, writing my first column for the  September/October 2020 issue of Law Practice and looking ahead to my year as chair of the Law Practice Division, the idea of “not knowing” what the future will hold is really a unique sense of being. Before the pandemic, I rarely remember feeling uncertain—about anything. Now, the idea of plotting and planning seems almost like a cruel joke, as all the plans we’ve had for our families, friends, firms, LP and beyond have been unceremoniously discarded these past few months. The loss of control we all have experienced in our lives, from health to daily living, has proven to be a collective roller coaster of emotions—from hope to fear to continuous concerns. New challenges at home, work and throughout our lives have become the new normal, the new constant.

Enter, perspective.

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