November/December 2020

Taking the Lead

Learning From the Pandemic

Linda Klein & John Hinton IV

Football is a game of adjustments. The coaches on both sides continually make changes to schemes and personnel to react to conditions on the field. Although most adjustments are made during the heat of the contest, both sides break at halftime to rest, reflect and adjust. The break is short, and then the game resumes. However, those halftime adjustments are critical to the team’s success. Post-game reflection only helps with future games.

Much like these coaches during the play of the game, this year has required everyone, including law firm leaders, to address unique and unforeseen challenges at a rapid pace. This likely will continue for some time. Just as the football coach, you need to take some time away from the pressure of your practice to reflect on recent months—what has worked, what needs to change and what needs to be reinforced. Halftime is short, and your time may be limited as well, but even an hour spent on this exercise could be important to continuing to thrive in this uncertain environment. Is it halftime with COVID-19? Maybe, but probably not. The end of the beginning? Perhaps. We are writing this column in early July, so the landscape may look very different by the time you read it. Nevertheless, here are three questions that are worth taking time to answer.

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