May 01, 2020 The Management Issue

Is It Time to Hire a Professional Law Firm Manager?

Adding one to your firm can boost bottom-line profitability and increase efficiency.

Mark E. McMickle
A businesswoman is taking a call while sitting at her desk.

A businesswoman is taking a call while sitting at her desk.

sturti via Getty Images

Administering the business of a law firm can consume enormous amounts of time and energy. According to the 2019 State of U.S. Small Law Firms Report by Thomson Reuters, 72 percent of respondents indicated that spending too much time on administrative tasks was a challenge. Without someone in the role of professional law firm manager, managing partners find themselves simultaneously managing their own practices and their law firm’s entire administrative infrastructure.

What Is a Professional Law Firm Manager?

A professional law firm manager typically acts as a liaison between the managing partner and the operational component of a law firm. They may be called practice managers, directors of administration, legal administrators or chief operating officers, depending on a firm’s size and structure. Regardless of the title, they all have in common the core responsibility of working with firm leadership to manage the law firm’s business to increase profitability.

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