March/April 2020

Simple Steps

Developing an Audience Profile

Allison C. Shields

It is easy to get off-track and lose sight of the big picture with your marketing by putting too much emphasis on the latest and greatest marketing tools, obsessing about the images on your site or constantly redesigning your logo, for example. While those things can be important parts of your overall marketing strategy, they shouldn’t be your main focus.

If you are having trouble with your marketing, if you feel as if your messages are not reaching the right people or if you just aren’t seeing the results you want, it may be because you haven’t done enough work getting clear on your audiences—the people your marketing is intended to reach. Even in a business-to-business practice, you are marketing to human beings—the decision-makers you need to connect with in order to get their work.

Alternatively, if you have a clear idea of who your audiences are, you may not be targeting your marketing appropriately. You may be confusing or turning away your audiences with messages that aren’t relevant to them.

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