March/April 2020

Practice Management Advice

Hiring Team Players

Heidi A. Barcus

Identifying candidates who are team players can be a challenging and elusive task in the hiring process.

At our law firm, every matter is staffed by at least three legal professionals, usually two lawyers and a paralegal, so new hires must be comfortable sharing information and working as a team. Lawyers who prefer to work alone never succeed in our firm.

After several top tier hires were unable to adapt to our system, I began to study our successes and look for a pattern. The lawyers who really want to work as a team respect the contribution of others. They can identify and recognize that everyone brings a different skill to a project. They are also willing to check in frequently and ask pertinent questions. They will share a draft and talk through issues. They have the innate ability to recognize how their actions impact other members of the team.

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