March/April 2020

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Zachary Bambacht

The law practice division, as of this current bar year, has never been more accessible to all members of the ABA. A membership in the Division is readily available, at no additional charge, to each member. That’s right, LP is now included with ABA memberships—as long as you opt in. This is exciting to all of us here in the Division because we know we offer real and significant value to our members, with thought leadership in the areas of marketing, management, finance and technology. We work with amazing attorneys and professionals across the legal profession to demonstrate and share this expertise in our content as it relates to the practice of law.

LP continues to innovate and will continue to bring new offerings to our members and the legal marketplace. This includes a new full-day program at the 2020 Annual Meeting dedicated to Leading into the Future, a leadership program for managing partners, practice group leaders and other small to midsize firm leaders. Our program is dedicated to community and support, substantive knowledge about trends, technology, finance, and improving and building new skills regarding the management of people. The program will feature three breakout sessions/workshops to address real-world challenges of today’s firm leadership. It’s a great opportunity to engage with the Division and to interact with your peers about the challenges and pressures they face in their daily work and the real-world solutions to address them.

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