March/April 2020

Taking the Lead

Firm Leadership Is a Team Task

Linda Klein and John Hinton IV

The staff looks to all your firm’s partners as leaders. The staff seeks their opinions and guidance. Sending the wrong message, even by accident, can damage firm morale. One of our colleagues, Kim Vance, is a popular speaker on this topic and allowed us to share her thoughts on the importance of all law firm partners setting the right example through actions and words.

Every Partner Sets a Personal Example 

Vance teaches that although senior leadership must be engaged with all levels of their firm, they have limited time and cannot engage daily with everyone. Therefore, it is critical that all partners act as front-line leaders within their firm, particularly for the staff with whom they interact daily.

Partners who are not in senior leadership often forget that they play a unique role in leading their firm’s employees. “Regardless of whether they have a formal title or role, they still possess the most powerful leadership tool, which is their own personal example,” Vance said.

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