March 01, 2020 The Marketing Issue

Find Your Voice: Can Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant Find You?

Learn how to optimize your law firm website for voice search results.

Mark Homer

Did you just get caught up on optimizing your website for mobile-first search? Well, now you need to prepare for voice search, which is already 20 percent of searches in the Google app.

That statistic, from data provided by Google, it isn’t too hard to believe in 2020. But would it surprise you to learn that this statistic is from 2016? 

Voice search has been undergoing a quiet revolution for the past few years. An estimated 75 percent of households will have at least one smart speaker by this year, according to the Microsoft 2019 Voice Report. Combined with the increasing number of voice searches on mobile devices, this revolution cannot be ignored anymore. Any law firm that focuses on getting new business from online marketing must begin optimizing for voice search. 

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